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| Last Updated:: 16 Sep 2020

Community Health Nursing Lab

College of Nursing is having a unique lab for Community Health Nursing with all the equipments for the creative work for the students. Community health nursing lab is replica of modern –cum-traditional community with all facilities required for field demonstration and orientation of students for the community exposure.
The Laboratory is well equipped with family folders (including proforma for health assessment of infant, toddler, preschool, school going children, adult, geriatric age group & special groups like Antenatal, Intranatal, Postnatal mother etc), referral cards, Community Health Nursing bags, health education materials, models, puppets, etc required for providing for comprehensive services to the community folks. 
We are having all the types of AV Aids to stimulate the students for the Community Health Nursing Practice. Community Health nursing bag, developed by our Community health Nursing Department is the hall mark of this lab.