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| Last Updated:: 16 Sep 2020


College of Nursing has a beautiful hostel building with well - furnished living rooms, recreational hall and prayer room. Living in the hostel is compulsory for the students.

Provisions for sports and games are available and the students are encouraged to use their leisure time creatively.

Admission to the Hostel

Application for admission in the hostel should be made on the prescribed form attached here with. Hostel is compulsory for every student. Students are required to sign a declaration agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel before admission.

1-Admission in the hostel will be confirmed only after depositing the required amount of fee.

2-Decision of the warden/Principal in any matter of the hostel will be final and binding on the students.

3-Hostel charges once paid will neither be refundable nor transferable even if the student leaves the

hostel before completion of the course.