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| Last Updated:: 16 Sep 2020

Principal's Message

Nursing is a dynamic profession with dedication, faith, courage and love for humanity at global level. Today the concept of health has brought some fresh challenges to nursing profession. Today nurses are actively participating in management of health care delivery system in India and abroad. To be successful in this profession one should have some certain qualities i.e. sound physical health, courage, honesty, emotional maturity and good skills for communication. The decision for taking nursing as a career should be made with careful and structured planning so that candidate shall have personal and professional satisfaction and can contribute effectively to the modern society and the profession.

At the College of Nursing, Kanpur, we offer you the opportunity to make most of your time in learning and building competence in art and science of nursing. College of Nursing is located in the heart of the Kanpur city. This college of nursing is known as premier innovative nursing college in Uttar Pradesh. Its reputation leads academics for making nursing graduates more successful in the world. College of nursing is a modern, vibrant, scientifically designed institution with strong links to the Government, health industries and the community with extensive network for professional, experts and nursing establishment.

At the College of Nursing, Kanpur, we are proud to offer the Post Basic B. Sc. Nursing programme as a part of noble nursing profession. We not only emphasizes on regular class room teaching and interactive learning but also on lots of clinical experience with problem solving approach. In addition, we also give importance to student seminars, discussions and good presentations.

We believe in quality education and standard care towards our patients. We here have a diverse community of teachers, all endeavoring to assume holistic “holistic health”. I look forward to welcoming you to College of Nursing, Kanpur and congratulate to be a part of this noble profession world wide.

Dr. Ram Kumar